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Thank you for your interest in our company.

Here is a brief overview of our services.

We started in March 1993 as ROBI Robert Adam Okulski – Accounting Office.
Biuro Rachunkowe Joanny i Roberta Okulskich Sp. z o.o./Okulscy Księgowość Sp. z o.o., in its present form, was created in 1996.
Until now, we have served more than 200 satisfied clients.

All our accountants have the Tax Adviser Licences or the Qualified Accountant Licences, certified by the Ministry of Finance, as required by the Polish accountancy regulations. Most of them have graduated from registered Schools of Economics, for example, The Warsaw School of Economics – SGH, and some of them are still studying economics, marketing and management.

Reputable customers have retained our services for many years, often giving positive feedback. Our clients have successfully undergone several tax office controls, and one of them has undergone a complex and detailed examination of their books, done by the Tax Control Department of the Ministry of Finance.

Okulscy Księgowość Sp. z o.o. service is not only simple accounting. Not only do we keep our clients' books, but also take care of their current economic situation.Our considerable experience helps us to give them appropriate advice in solving both their economic and tax problems.

Reliabilty, accuracy and experience remain paramount to our ethos.

Our company has always been insured against every risk connected with civil responsibility of the accounting services provider and we have separate insurance policies for every aspect of our work.


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Grupa Księgowa Okulscy


00-195 Warszawa, ul. Słomińskiego 17/41

tel. : 22 839-18-08 ; 22 839-17-91

e-mail:  biuro@okulscy.com.pl

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poniedziałek - piątek w godz. 7.45 - 16.00