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Okulscy Księgowość Sp. z o.o. offers you the following services :

1. Simplyfied accounting for individual enterpreneurs and small partnerships (SMEs), which includes:

    - booking items in the Book of Revenues and Expenditures

    - keeping and processing the records needed for VAT regulations

    - preparing income tax declarations (monthly PIT), and value added tax declarations (monthly or quarterly -VAT)

    - preparing personal income declarations (annual PIT)

2. Advanced accounting of legal persons and partnerships, which includes :

    - booking items in the books

    - keeping and proccessing records for VAT regulations

    - adjusting plans of accounts to the clients' individual needs

    - preparing cash reports

    - preparing income tax declarations (monthly PIT or CIT) and value added tax declarations (monthly or quarterly VAT)

    -preparing all the necessary documentation for statistical and auditing purposes

    - preparing all yearly financial reports both for accounting reasons (Balance Sheets, Income

    - Statements, Cash Flow Reports and others if necessary) and for tax reasons (annual PIT or CIT)

3. Tax and business advising

4. Staff (personnel) record keeping and processing, which includes

    - preparing all the necessary documentation for employing and, if necessary, dismissing workers, both full-time and part-time

    - monthly pay-roll preparation

    - preparation of the obligatory insurance (ZUS) documents

    - processing and keeping the records of commission workers, and the preparation of all the necessary documents

    - keeping the personnel records for sick leave, annual leave, overtime and registration

    - reminding the clients about the need for employees' periodic medical examinations and Health and Safety Training (where necessary)

5. Others :

    - informing clients about the most important changes in current tax/accountancy regulations

    - representing the clients against tax office authorities and insurance (ZUS) authorities

    - keeping and processing the records of our clients insurance (ZUS) documentation

    - updating accounts that are in arrears

    - keeping records of fixed assets and accounting for depreciation

    - collecting documents to be booked - from clients' offices


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Grupa Księgowa Okulscy


00-195 Warszawa, ul. Słomińskiego 17/41

tel. : 22 839-18-08 ; 22 839-17-91

e-mail:  biuro@okulscy.com.pl

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